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The medieval village of Serignana is located in Tuscany, in the Municipality of San Godenzo on the border with Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, it is positioned near the hamlet of Il Castagno d'Andrea ((the town that gave birth to the renaissance painter Andrea del Castagno) as well as the Florentine gateway of the Park.
The settlement is in a style typical of Apennine villages. It is located in a small valley just below the splendor of Falterona at 630m altitude.
The village has as its central nucleus a square overlooked by a beautiful church (still consecrated), the main house, the sacristy house, and then, along the access roads, other houses and some rural structures. The village is completed by an ancient wash-house from which pure spring water flows.


The Pool


The swimming pool is located in the center of the park in an elevated and dominant position but relatively private to the rest of the village.

It was designed in the shape of a pond and placed in a a natural setting. It was surrounded with plants and shrubs so that it could maintain the same spontaneity and authenticity of the village and its park.

Abounding it, an immense lawn increases this sense of freedom, space and naturalness.