Borgo di Serignana



The medieval borough of Serignana is located in Tuscany, in the town of San Godenzo at the border of  Casentino Forest National Park in proximity to the village of Il Castagno D’Andrea the birth-place of the Renaissance painter Andrea Del Castagno and also the Florentine gateway to the Park.

The settlement is typical of the Apennine village (mt. 630 asl) located in a small valley just below the massif Falterona. The Village has as core a square overlooked by a beautiful church still consecrated, the manor house, the home of the sacristy, and then, along the access roads,other houses and some other rural structures. Completing the village a beautiful fountain with the old wash from which flows the purest water.

In this ancient place have been recovered and are available for rent apartments renovated in strict Tuscan tradition. The apartments are available for weekly rental but also for shorter periods. Already at first glance you will find that they are exactly what you dreamed of for your vacation in Tuscany.

All around the apartments stretching property of 35 hectares consisting of spacious manicured lawns, woods of oak, hornbeam and chestnut ideal for picnics and finally a stream where you can swim. Near the village in the middle of a large lawn the pool is located.

For those who enjoy a holiday in nature it will not be difficult to see on the property the typical fauna of the Tuscan countryside such as roe deer, deer, wild boar, porcupines, hawks, hares, pheasants and with a little luck the wolf.


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