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Snow And Nature - Bobtrek: snowshoeing and slipping! proposal for families

The bob, an object loved by all children, and snow!
who has not played at least a little? A sled, a bit of descent and you're done! Because you know ... go big downhill, but then?

The idea to create an exit on the snow dedicated to children and their families, ALL IN DESCENT, is born from this small reflection, during which adults can wear snowshoes and children use the BOB, or the sled to slip on the snow !

To experience the forest with a slightly more playful spirit, with a bit of adventure, on wide sloping forest roads, selected to be able to walk in fluency and drive the bob effortlessly.
Uncontaminated and unique forests crossed with ease, to give them all your attention, but also forest environments rich in biodiversity to be discovered by your children in complete safety.

And then?? at the point of arrival the shuttle service is provided for the drivers !!

Cost € 10 adults € 7.00 children (guide service), shuttle service offered by the guide

Possibility to rent snowshoes + poles (cost apart € 10.00)
Possibility of renting bobsleigh (cost apart € 10.00)
please report this requirement at the time of registration.

Meeting at 9:30 am
The output is confirmed only with sufficient snow.

to book and receive all the details of the output send an email to
-phone number
-n ° of the participants
-necessary rental of snowshoes and number of pairs and / rental bobsleigh

The realization will be confirmed by text message a few days before.
info 3200676766. The realization of the initiative is in collaboration with Ski Rental Franz


Date: venerdì 1 febbraio 2019
Author: Borgo di Serignana