Nicoletta Agricoli Immobiliare


- Start of material submission 10 December 2018
- Delivery deadline 30 May 2018
- Two works size 20x25 or 24x30 not retouched or altered with natural colors or other after elimination
- The works must be received: the works must be sent printed in color at the following address: Mario Lusini via Vetriceta Bassa, 3 52014 Badia Prataglia (AR)
- Registration for € 12.00 must be made by 31st May 2019 by calling the number 3495521972 with payment on postpay card
- A first selection will be made the first week of June
- The final selection will take place on Saturday of the second week of July
- The first 10 classified will be awarded
- The trophy and the certificates will be decided on the basis of the members and sponsors
- The works will be exhibited as they will be delivered at the Visitor Center of the National Park of Casentino Forests in Badia Prataglia and will remain visible until September 8, 2019

ART. 1 - PARTICIPATION AND ENROLLMENT TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION: Participation in the competition is open to all those who have reached the age of 18 at the time of enrollment and provides a registration fee of € 12 for 2 photos, to be paid as Partial Reduction of Operating Costs. This competition is not subject to ministerial authorization pursuant to the D.P.R. n. 430 of 26/10/2001, article 6. The participation is subordinate to the registration that must be done within December 31st 2019.
ART. 2 - THEME OF PHOTOGRAPHS: The photographs must be taken on the territory: National Park of the Casentinesi Forests. Each participant can send up to n. 2 photographs. The photos must be unpublished and not having participated in other photographic competitions.
ART. 3 - PHOTOGRAPHY TYPOLOGY: Print dimensions 20x25 or 24x30
ART. 4 - SENDING OF THE PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL: Photographs can be delivered from 10 December 2018 until 31 May 2019
ART. 5 - USE OF THE SENDED MATERIAL: Every author, owner of all the rights on his / her own originals, is personally responsible for the presented works. Each author retains ownership of the photos submitted to the competition, but transfers the rights of unlimited use of the images to the competition organization free of charge, which can publish and disseminate the images in magazines, newspapers, websites and any other media and advertising, as long as it is non-profit-making, with the sole responsibility of citing the author or authors of the photographs each time. Under no circumstances can the organizers, without prior agreement with the photographer, transfer the photographs in competition to any third parties.

ART. 6 - RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF PARTICIPANTS: Each participant is civilly and criminally responsible for his / her works, relieving the organizers from any responsibility, also towards any subjects depicted in the photographs. The competitor must inform any interested parties (people portrayed) in the cases and in the ways provided for by Article 10 of Law 675/96 and subsequent amendment with Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n.196, as well as obtaining consent to the dissemination of the same , under penalty of exclusion from the competition. In no case the images sent may contain data that can be qualified as sensitive. Each participant declares to possess all the rights on the originals, on the digital acquisitions and on the elaborations of the submitted photographs.

ART. 7 - JURY: The jury of the competition will consist of: Luigi Acciai, Roberta Piemonte, Riccardo Acciai, Enza Tinti
ART. 8 - AWARDING: trophy for first place and other prizes based on registration and sponsors
ART. 9 - ACCEPTANCE OF REGULAR AND ITS CONDITIONS: Participation in the competition implies the unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in this regulation.
Art. 10 - Legislative Decree 196/2003 on the processing of personal data Please note that in accordance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law 675/96, "Protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data" and subsequent amendment with Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003 n.196, personal data provided by competitors with the completion of the registration form , collected and processed using computer tools, will be used to identify the winners and to identify the authors of the photographs on the various occasions in which they will be exhibited or published and for communications relating to the competition. The competitor has the right to access data concerning him and to exercise the rights of integration, correction, cancellation, etc. guaranteed by art. 13 of the aforementioned law, to the data controller. The provision of data and consent to the related processing are necessary conditions for participation in the competition.
ART. 11 - CHANGES TO THE REGULATION: The organizers reserve the right to make changes to this regulation if aimed at a better realization of the Competition. These changes will be promptly reported. Every author, owner of all the rights on his own originals, is personally responsible for the presented works




Date: martedì 11 dicembre 2018
Author: Borgo di Serignana